• Meet the Winemaker!

    Justin Osborne is the winemaker at Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery. Before entering the world of wine, he was also in the ‘relaxation’ industry, working at his family’s ice-fishing company, Clam Corporation.  He could have stayed there, but of all things, he listened to his mother-in-law. This isn’t where the story goes downhill, though. “Vicky wanted to start a winery and we were almost immediately all-in,” Justin says. The idea was a little bit out there, but interesting to say the least and if it turned into any sort of success, winemaker would be heck of a career, and cool job...

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  • Meet the Owners!

    Anybody passionate enough about something has wondered what it is like to turn that love into a business.A farm wife and grandmother wondered that same thing about growing grapes, selling wine and offering a rich experience in the middle of corn and bean fields of southern Minnesota. Only, Vicky Vogt wasn’t just daydreaming. She was serious.“When she first hit me with the idea, I said, ‘You’re crazy; let’s not do this,’” said Vicky’s husband, Gary Vogt, a lifelong farmer who has lived within the same mile his entire life. Now when people walk in the futuristic, metal building, he’s the...

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  • Wine, Year One

      Hello everybody and welcome to the Four Daughters wine blog.  My name is Justin Osborne, and I am your winemaker at Four Daughters Vineyard and Winery.  This is the first of what we hope will be a weekly blog which covers our perspective on wines, the winemaking process, wine in general, food, what's going on at the winery, and maybe a little philosphy thrown in for good measure.  I thought I'd take a break from adding an additional 5 acres onto our vineyard to get this blog off the ground.So I'm guessing you are all reading this because you all kinda like wine.  You...

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